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Tuesday 18th May 2021

Today we became Engineers – Designing the Discovery!

First, we applied our Maths skills to calculate answers for parts of the James Webb Space Telescope in Activity 3.1 ‘Blueprint for Space’

Next, we explored shapes and symmetry, attempting to design a symmetrical mirror, consisting of 19 shapes, with no gaps or spaces! We quickly established we would not be able to use the circle, as we couldn’t tesselate this shape without creating large gaps! Some of our designs were very interesting – but we really enjoyed playing physically with the shapes!

Finally we attempted activity 3.4 ‘Pack your Payload’ building a mini version of the JWST and using a range of different folds and rolls to fit the model into the payload bay at the top of the rocket! It was really interesting to watch the videos from NASA and ESA about the JWST and how engineers ‘played’ with a range of designs and shapes to pack the real telescope as safely and efficiently as possible!

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